ZDRAVO is a private family medicine clinic in Odesa. Our business model is built on the intersections of medical reform, private medicine and online services. We focus 50% of our efforts and attention on family medicine. Our mission is to raise and improve the level of medicine in the country

it is ZDRAVO when there are no queues


We offer you to sign a free declaration with a family doctor in ZDRAVO

- Free declaration with a family doctor;

- Free tests, consultations and treatment from primary specialists: family doctors, general practitioners, pediatricians;

- Management of patients with chronic diseases by family doctors;

- Tests and examinations that will be included in the free package of services at the primary care level;

- Observation of pregnancy and children under 3 years of age;

- Vaccination;

- Preventive examinations;

- Palliative care and medical certificates;

- Referrals to secondary and tertiary care specialists: ENT, endocrinologist, surgeon, etc. (whom you can visit on-site at the ZDRAVO clinic)!

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