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When should you consult a cardiorheumatologist?

      A pediatric cardiorheumatologist deals with a wide range of heart diseases. The doctor can determine the presence of the disease both in the early and later stages. Everything depends on the presence or absence of certain symptoms.


     In order to provide the child with appropriate care and treatment in a timely manner, it is recommended to contact a specialist in case of:

• frequent breathing, blueing of the nasolabial triangle in babies during feeding;

• detection of heart murmurs during regular examination at the pediatrician;

• presence of chronic ENT diseases (adenoiditis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis);

• the appearance of shortness of breath, frequent changes in blood pressure, the appearance of a feeling of lack of oxygen and pain in the sternum;

• systematic headache.


What diseases does a pediatric cardiorheumatologist diagnose and treat?

• congenital and acquired heart defects;

• vascular dyskinesias;

• non-rheumatic diseases of the myocardium;

• rheumatic lesion of children's heart;

• rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis;

• acute rheumatic fever;

• heart rhythm disturbance;

• functional cardiopathies;

• diffuse connective tissue diseases, scleroderma.


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If you notice in your child: shortness of breath, weakness, rapid fatigue, headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, pain in the heart, palpitations, deformation of the chest and fingers, pain in the joints and their swelling - be sure to consult a doctor. If your child has had angina, scarlet fever, has chronic foci of infection (diseases of the ENT organs, carious teeth), do an ECG and consult a cardiorheumatologist in Odessa. All children under 1 year old are recommended to have an ECG and ultrasound of the heart at the Zdravo clinic. Do not delay to ! The specialists of our clinic take care of the health of every child!

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