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What does a neurologist do at ZDRAVO?

    A neurologist or neuropathologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. His profession is one of the most difficult in medicine, since the central and peripheral nervous systems control the work of almost all organs. Accordingly, the occurrence of pathology can be accompanied by various symptoms, which complicates diagnosis and making the correct diagnosis.

A neurologist at the ZDRAVO clinic successfully treats almost the entire spectrum of neurological diseases.

    Performs differential diagnosis of headache (migraine, headache, tension, somatoform autonomic dysfunction, etc.). Treats acute craniocerebral injuries and their consequences, hernias, spinal protrusions, acute and chronic disorders of cerebral circulation (stroke, chronic cerebral ischemia), psychosomatic disorders, sleep disorders and other diseases.

With which symptoms should you consult a neurologist?

• headaches, it is especially important to get an appointment as soon as possible, if the pain is sudden and sharp, gradually increases and is not relieved by standard medicines;

• frequent dizziness, occurrence of pre-conscious states and fainting;

• pains in the face, neck, back, limbs, in the whole body;

• muscle weakness;

• disorders of sleep, speech, memory, concentration of attention;

• wobbly gait and general violation of coordination of movements;

• uncontrolled movement of limbs.

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