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Regular obstezhennia at the gynecologist is an important part of turboti about woman's health. In order, without cherg, zayvih khvilyuvan and worries to take a look around and take a consultation with a professional oncogynecologist of the highest category - go to the clinic of family medicine Zdravo.

Admission of the patient to the gynecologist-oncologist Ribin Andriy Igorovich - this specialization and knowledge allow not only to take a look around, but also to reveal the possibility of sillness to plump ailments, to minimize the symptoms development.

Consultation of an oncogynecologist is important for early detection and prevention of pathologies of the cervix (dysplasia, ectopia, erosion, leukoplakia), swollen pathologies of the endometrium (polypi, hyperplasia), swollen disease of the ovaries (ovary brushes).

At a glance, even after an hour of consultation with a gynecologist, the need for additional diagnostics - trans-vaginal ultrasound, laboratory follow-up, cytological follow-up - everything can be done without overwhelming the clinic Hello.


Oncogynecologist Odesa

Ribin Andriy Igorovich - consulting head oncogynecologist of Odesa city, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Promenodiagnostics, Therapy, Radiation Medicine and Oncology Member of the Association of Oncologists of Ukraine, Association of Oncologists kologists


An oncogynecologist at the Zdravo clinic deals with:


- benign pathologies of the cervix: dysplasia, ectopia, erosion, leukoplakia


- chubby pathologies of endometrium: polyps, hyperplasia


- chubby diseases of the ovaries: brushes of the ovaries


One of the main directions of activity of Andriy Igorovich is the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.


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What do you pay attention to, the operation of which is guarded? Approximately 30% of patients, who seek expert medical advice, the tactics of obstezhennaya and exuberance change to more accurate and less invasive. To that friend, the thought helps to optimize the process of jubilation and the elimination of undesirable risks.

An independent expert's opinion that a diagnosis already made is necessary, so that pardons can be turned on both in the diagnosis and in the treatment. Adzhe wrongly exuberantly can ruin people's lives, especially if you are talking about oncology.

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