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What is the advantage of an online consultation?

An online doctor is a consultation without queues. Access to a wide range of trained, experienced medical professionals in Odesa at a time convenient for you.

There are no restrictions on the place of residence. When you get a doctor's consultation by phone, you don't need to worry about parking, tiring minibus rides, or waiting for buses. In any city, in the country or on the road, you will need 3G Internet, a computer or a mobile phone.

Comfortable communication format. You receive medical consultations from a doctor in an online chat or via video. They are conducted by competent specialists to whom you can ask any questions that concern you. Also, if necessary, you can always contact us in the regular mode.

What is the online consultation like?

For an online consultation with a doctor, you need to make an advance payment.

For this, our administrator will contact you.

At the appointed time, the administrator of ZDRAVO will connect you with a doctor in the way you choose: by phone or in a ZOOM conference.

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Багато захворювань можна виявити та попередити на ранніх стадіях. Щоб вчасно дізнатися про негативні зміни і симптоми та попередити наслідки, необхідно пройти комплексний check-up. Перевірка загального стану організму (на англ. Check Up) – набір певних діагностичних процедур для виявлення хвороби на ранній стадії. Медики рекомендують робити це щорічно, починаючи з 18 років, незалежно від статі, віку та способу життя.

it is ZDRAVO when there are no queues

it is ZDRAVO when there are no queues



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