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When should you visit a therapist?

In case you have the following symptoms:

• fever or chills, burning ague;

• dry or wet cough, wheezing, hemoptysis, sore throat;

• shortness of breath, dyspnea;

• reduced visual acuity, loss of vision;

• specific nasal discharge;

• ear pain, hearing loss, discharge from the auricle;

• chest pain, pain in the heart area, tingling in the limbs;

• stomach pain, hiccups, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stool disorders;

• sudden changes in blood pressure, general weakness;

• insomnia, anxiety, depression;

• skin rashes, peeling, ulcers, itching;

• constant feeling of thirst, dry mouth, fatigue;

• pathological changes in pigmentation of skin and mucous membranes, eyes;

• sudden sharp or acute pain in the lumbar region;

Or if any other symptoms are present, you should visit a therapist. One or more of these symptoms indicate a disease.

What is the visit to the therapist like?

During the visit, the therapist examines the patient's medical history: finds out the reason for the visit, as well as the causes and results of previous visits to the clinic, conducts a medical checkup.

Based on the results of the check-up, after studying the results of tests and examinations, the therapist prescribes a course of treatment or, if necessary, refers to a doctor of sub-specialization (for example, if myocardial ischemia is detected - to a cardiologist, if prostatitis is suspected - to a urologist).

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Багато захворювань можна виявити та попередити на ранніх стадіях. Щоб вчасно дізнатися про негативні зміни і симптоми та попередити наслідки, необхідно пройти комплексний check-up. Перевірка загального стану організму (на англ. Check Up) – набір певних діагностичних процедур для виявлення хвороби на ранній стадії. Медики рекомендують робити це щорічно, починаючи з 18 років, незалежно від статі, віку та способу життя.

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it is ZDRAVO when there are no queues



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