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What Is a Urologist? What they do?

A urologist is a specialist who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the urinary system diseases. It is believed that this is a male doctor. However, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, urolithiasis occur in both sexes. Therefore, both men and women may need the help of such specialists. A qualified and experienced urologist will consult you at the ZDRAVO Family Medicine Clinic.

When should a man should visit a urologist?

• Presence of impurities or blood in urine or semen;

• Problems with urination (frequency, pain, weakening of the stream, leakage or incontinence);

• Changes in the appearance of the genitals (swelling of veins, edema, change in shape).

• Appearance of urethral discharge, etc.

When should a woman should visit a urologist?

• Pulling or sharp pain in the lower back and lower abdomen;

• Discomfort when urinating;

• Frequent night urinating;

• Feeling of bladder fullness with low urine output;

• Pain during sexual activity;

• Urinary incontinence;

• Swelling on the face or lower extremities.

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What diseases does a urologist treat?

• bladder disease;

• kidney problems;

• diseases of the urinary tract, urethra;

• diseases of the external genital organs;

• diseases of the prostate gland in me

• urolithiasis;

• sexually transmitted diseases.

It is important that you have previously been diagnosed with similar ailments, so a preventive visit to a urologist should be mandatory every six months / year. If you have pain in the kidneys, pain when urinating, strange symptoms that are similar to STDs bother you, it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist.


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