Hnatyuk Iryna Mykhailivna

  • specialty: Neurologist
  • Category:Без категоріi
  • Experience:4 years

Провідні напрямки діяльності

Neuropathologist Hnatyuk Iryna Mykhailivna will consult on the troubling problem, prescribe the necessary examination, laboratory tests and the necessary treatment for the following issues: pains: headaches, in the spine, associated with damage to certain nerves, impaired consciousness, coordination, dizziness, tinnitus, constant feeling fatigue, decreased memory, insomnia, movement disorders in the muscles of the limbs, trunk, face: partial - paresis, complete - paralysis, change in sensitivity - decrease, increase or deviation (paresthesia), convulsions.

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In the ZDRAVO clinic, "extra" examinations and procedures are not prescribed, because competent specialists with extensive work experience work here. Doctors are guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine, use the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols.

You will receive counseling and treatment in comfortable conditions, without queues.

We take care of every patient!

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