Kidney Doppler

Indications for renal dopplerography:

-Control of arterial hypertension: Assessment of renal artery stenosis, a potential cause of secondary hypertension;

-Assessment of chronic kidney disease (CKD): Monitoring of renal blood flow in patients with CKD to assess disease progression;

-Aneurysms or dissections of the renal arteries: Detection of abnormalities in the renal vessels that may pose a risk of complications;

-Pre-transplant evaluation: Evaluation of the renal vessels in potential kidney transplant recipients to ensure suitability for transplantation;

Preparation for Doppler is minimal and usually involves:

1.  Fasting: Patients may be asked to refrain from eating and drinking for a few hours before the procedure to minimize the effects of gas in the intestines.

2.  Medication adjustments: Some medications, such as those that affect blood pressure or renal circulation, may need to be temporarily discontinued or adjusted under the supervision of a physician.

How is the renal Doppler procedure performed?

The renal Doppler procedure is non-invasive and painless, usually performed as follows:

1) Patient positioning: The patient lies comfortably on the examination table, usually in a supine or slightly reclined position.

2) Gel application: A clear, water-based gel is applied to the skin over the kidneys to facilitate ultrasound transmission.

3) Placement of the probe: An ultrasound probe emitting high-frequency sound waves is gently moved over the renal areas to obtain detailed images of the kidneys and adjacent blood vessels.

4) Doppler evaluation: Doppler technology evaluates the speed and direction of blood flow in the renal arteries and veins, providing valuable information about renal perfusion and vascular integrity.

5) Image interpretation: Experienced radiologists analyze the images and Doppler signals to evaluate renal blood flow characteristics and identify any abnormalities.

At the ZDRAVO clinic in Odesa, patients are offered:

-Modern equipment: our clinic is equipped with advanced ultrasound technology that provides high image quality and accurate diagnosis;

-Experienced professionals: renal Doppler examinations are performed by qualified radiologists with extensive experience, which ensures a thorough assessment and reliable results;

-Comprehensive care: in addition to the procedure itself, our clinic pays special attention to comprehensive patient care, providing individual attention and support during the diagnostic process;

-Timely intervention: Early detection of renal vascular abnormalities allows for timely intervention and proper treatment, potentially preventing complications and preserving kidney function;

To summarize, Doppler renal examination at ZDRAVO clinic in Odesa is a valuable diagnostic tool for assessing the health of kidney vessels and identifying underlying pathologies. Focusing on accuracy, professionalism, and patient-centered care, our clinic strives to provide optimal renal results for each individual. To make an appointment for renal Doppler or to learn more about our services, contact us today.



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