Ultrasound mammary glands

Ultrasound examination of the mammary glands, also known as sonography, plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of various diseases and provides valuable information about your health status.

Indications for breast ultrasonography: 

- Lumps in the breast found during self-examination or clinical examination.

- Additional screening for women with dense breast tissue.

- Evaluation of breast abnormalities detected by mammography or other imaging methods.

- Health monitoring in women at high risk of developing breast cancer due to family history or genetic predisposition.

Symptoms that require an ultrasound examination:

1. Lumps in the breast that can be felt.

2. Pain or tenderness in the chest.

3. Discharge from the nipples.

4. Changes in the texture or appearance of the skin on the breast.

5. Detection of problems during mammography or other imaging tests.

   Preparation for breast ultrasonography is minimal. Patients are usually advised to wear comfortable clothes and remove any jewelry or metal objects in the breast area. Unlike mammography, breast ultrasound does not require breast compression, which makes the procedure more comfortable for patients.

Types of breast ultrasonography in Odesa. For adults, specially designed sensors are used to obtain a detailed image of the breast tissue. Pediatric ultrasonography of the mammary glands is performed with the utmost care and experience to solve any problems related to the health of the mammary glands in children and adolescents.

   The cost of breast ultrasound in the ZDRAVO clinic in Odesa is competitive and transparent. Prices may vary depending on factors such as the type of examination and the need for additional services. Patients can find out about specific details and payment methods when making an appointment.

   Our ZDRAVO clinic in Odesa employs experienced and highly qualified doctors specializing in ultrasound diagnostics. Thanks to the most modern equipment and patient-oriented approach, we provide accurate results for each patient. For more information, including prices and an appointment, contact ZDRAVO clinic today.



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