Ultrasound of pregnancy up to 10 weeks

The importance of ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy

Ultrasound examination in the early stages of pregnancy not only confirms the fact of pregnancy and determines the due date, but also plays a key role in identifying and predicting possible complications. Early ultrasound allows you to assess the correct location of the embryo, detect multiple pregnancies and ensure timely intervention in case of abnormalities.

Indications and goals of ultrasound in the early weeks

Ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy up to 10 weeks is recommended for all pregnant women, but is especially important for those with:

  1. A history of ectopic pregnancy: women with a history of ectopic pregnancy are at an increased risk of recurrent ectopic pregnancy. Early diagnosis helps determine whether the embryo is developing in the uterus, which is critical for the mother's health.
  2. Past reproductive health problems: Pregnant women who have had fertility problems, miscarriages, or other reproductive problems may be at increased risk of complications. Early pregnancy ultrasound can help doctors monitor pregnancy more closely.
  3. Symptoms of concern: Women who experience unusual symptoms, such as bleeding or severe abdominal pain, need an early ultrasound to rule out complications such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or other problems.

This examination helps to establish the gestational age of the condition, determine the number of fetuses and their position, and detect signs of any early complications.

Preparing for an ultrasound: Steps and recommendations

For optimal preparation for the ultrasound, 10 weeks:

Drink about 1-1.5 liters of water an hour before the procedure and do not go to the toilet before the examination, as a full bladder improves image quality.

Wear comfortable and lightweight clothing that can be easily removed or lifted, especially in the abdomen, to provide easy access for the examination.

Try to stay calm and relaxed before and during the ultrasound, as tension can affect the procedure.

Ultrasound procedure: What to expect?

The ultrasound procedure is usually performed in a comfortable medical room.

You will be asked to lie down on a special table and lift or remove your clothes from your abdomen. The doctor will apply a special gel to your abdomen to help transmit ultrasound waves. Using an ultrasound probe, the doctor will perform a scan while looking at the monitor to assess the development of the fetus and the state of pregnancy. You will also be able to see the image on the screen if the equipment configuration allows it. The procedure usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, after which the medical professional will discuss the results with you, answer your questions and give recommendations on further steps.

Where to undergo ultrasonography in Odesa: locations and appointment to the Zdravo clinic

You can make an appointment for a first trimester ultrasound in Odesa by calling 380638777333 or by visiting our medical center in Odesa at 17 Sehedska Street. We work from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 20:00. The cost of an ultrasound of pregnancy up to 10 weeks is 600 UAH. Find more information about prices and other types of ultrasound on our website.



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