Ultrasound of the gallbladder, trial breakfast

Gallbladder ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the health and function of the gallbladder. It involves the use of sound waves to create images of the gallbladder and surrounding structures. This imaging technique is commonly used to diagnose various gallbladder conditions including stones, inflammation, and tumors.

A breakfast test, also known as a fatty food test or gallbladder stimulation test, is often included in a gallbladder ultrasound to assess the ability to empty bile in response to a meal. This test involves eating a high-fat meal, such as eggs or milk, followed by an ultrasound to assess gallbladder contractility and emptying function.

Preparation for gallbladder ultrasound with a trial breakfast usually involves fasting for several hours before the exam and then eating the prescribed food. This preparation allows for optimal visualization of the gallbladder and an accurate assessment of its function during the imaging procedure.

Stages of ultrasound with a test meal usually include initial baseline imaging of the gallbladder on an empty stomach, followed by consumption of a test meal. Subsequent ultrasound images are obtained at intervals after the meal to monitor gallbladder response and assess gallbladder emptying function.

Diseases that can be detected by ultrasound with a trial breakfast are gallstones, biliary dyskinesia (biliary dyskinesia), inflammation (cholecystitis), as well as tumors or polyps of the gallbladder.

Clinic ZDRAVO in Odessa offers comprehensive services for ultrasound examination of the gallbladder, including examination with a trial breakfast. Thanks to the most modern equipment and experienced medical specialists, our clinic provides accurate and timely diagnosis of diseases. The benefits of choosing ZDRAVO for gallbladder ultrasound include personalized service, convenient scheduling, and access to advanced imaging technology to ensure patients receive the highest level of diagnostic evaluation of gallbladder conditions. By following proper preparation protocols and undergoing an exam at our facility, patients can receive a timely and accurate diagnosis.



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