Family medicine in Mykolaiv at the ZDRAVO clinic

There is nothing more important than your own health and that of your family. When someone close to you is sick, you want to surround him even more with attention and care, finding the best ways for a speedy recovery. You can confidently trust the family doctors of the ZDRAVO clinic to take care of your family's health.

A family doctor is not just a therapist. This is a highly qualified specialist of a wide spectrum with the appropriate certification, who solves up to 80% of all patient problems. The whole family can come to him for appointments, because he provides services to both adults and children. This makes it possible to comprehensively diagnose and treat diseases, in particular hereditary ones.

With which symptoms should you contact your family doctor:

  • sore throat, signs of SARS and colds;
  • high temperature and fever;
  • constant headaches;
  • discomfort in the area of ​​the heart;
  • symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, etc.;
  • constant fatigue, drowsiness during the day, insomnia at night;
  • tachycardia and arrhythmia, as well as other manifestations of the cardiovascular system.

It is also recommended to visit a family doctor once a year as a preventive measure.

At the ZDRAVO family medicine clinic, you can make a declaration with a family doctor in Mykolaiv and receive a wide range of medical services free of charge. In particular:

  • consultations of a family doctor;
  • diagnosis and treatment;
  • emergency aid;
  • preventive examinations;
  • issuing sick leaves and certificates;
  • referral to specialized specialists, whom you can visit on site at the ZDRAVO clinic;
  • laboratory research and diagnostics;
  • general blood analysis with leukocyte formula;
  • general analysis of urine;
  • blood glucose level analysis;
  • analysis to determine the level of total cholesterol;
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • measurement of weight, height, waist circumference;
  • rapid pregnancy test;
  • rapid troponin test;
  • rapid tests for HIV, viral hepatitis;
  • dermatoscopy;
  • otoscopy

ZDRAVO offers a wide range of medical services and professional quality of service, and all this without queues and with a personal approach to each patient.

The patient is not limited in choosing a family doctor. If the selected specialist is not satisfactory for any reason, it is allowed to switch to another doctor without restrictions (six months after the declaration is made). There is no need to specially tear up the declaration: it is enough to come to the ZDRAVO clinic and sign a new contract. The old one is automatically canceled after that.

The doctors of our clinic do not offer unnecessary appointments and examinations. Our goal is to make modern primary medicine accessible to everyone and to become your reliable medical partner for life.

You can find out the details or make an appointment to make a declaration with a family doctor in Mykolaiv by following this link.

ZDRAVO – We take care of family health!


Many health problems can be diagnosed and prevented in the early stages. In order to timely detect negative changes and symptoms as well as to prevent the consequences, it is necessary to do a complex check-up. Doctors recommend doing it annually, starting from the age of 18, no matter the gender, age, and lifestyle.

it is ZDRAVO when there are no queues

it is ZDRAVO when there are no queues



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