Quite often, people are faced with the fact that they have already tried everything, but they still can't lose weight. At the same time, a lot of money, effort and nerves have been spent, but the result is not noticeable at all - the weight is still there, or even worse, it is only increasing. 

In this case, it is very important to approach the issue comprehensively. In particular, it is important to identify the root cause of weight gain and find out what causes metabolic disorders of carbohydrate and lipid balance. And only then choose effective methods of weight loss correction. 

The ZDRAVO team of doctors has developed the Healthy Weight Loss complex, which patients can undergo both independently and with a nutritionist. This system is based on an individual approach to each patient, which allows everyone to lose weight effectively without harm to health. 

The "Healthy Weight Loss Basic" complex includes:

-Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

-Consultation with a gastroenterologist

-Consultation with an endocrinologist-therapist

-Complete blood count (leukocyte formula + ESR), total protein (urine), coprogram

-Complex No. 277 "The Secret of Slimness" (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, glucose, glycated hemoglobin, HOMA index, TSH, cortisol (serum)) \ N

-Prolactin (PRL)

-25 - hydroxyvitamin D, 25 - (OH) D

To do this, you need to plan 2 visits to the ZDRAVO clinic. During the first one, the patient will undergo the necessary tests and ultrasound (on an empty stomach). And then, with their results, doctors will draw up an individual treatment plan during consultations, following which a person will be able to lose weight. 

The "Healthy Weight Loss Extended" complex (with the support of a nutritionist) has the following components: 

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Consultation with a gastroenterologist

Consultation with an endocrinologist-therapist

4 consultations with a nutritionist 

Complete blood count (leukocyte formula + ESR), total protein (urine), coprogram

Complex No. 277 "The Secret of Slimness" (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, glucose, glycated hemoglobin, HOMA index, TSH, cortisol (serum)) \ N

Prolactin (PRL)

25 - hydroxyvitamin D, 25 - (OH) D

Support and care chat

Choosing an extended package, in addition to tests, ultrasound and consultations with a gastroenterologist and endocrinologist, the patient also receives 4 offline or online consultations with a nutritionist. The specialist will help you develop a nutrition plan for weight normalization, taking into account the individual characteristics and needs of your body. The nutritionist's support also includes dietary adjustments based on the results of the first two weeks and maintaining the results two months after the start of the program. 

In addition, in the care chat, you can ask the doctor any questions related to the process of losing weight and maintaining a proper diet. 

When you sign up, you are assigned a personal manager who will accompany you at all stages, providing all the necessary information and support. 

You can buy "Healthy Weight Loss" packages at ZDRAVO for yourself or your loved ones by calling: +380986774887, +380638777333, or by leaving an online application on the website. 

Taking care of your health and beauty in a timely manner is ZDRAVO!


Many health problems can be diagnosed and prevented in the early stages. In order to timely detect negative changes and symptoms as well as to prevent the consequences, it is necessary to do a complex check-up. Doctors recommend doing it annually, starting from the age of 18, no matter the gender, age, and lifestyle.

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