Electrocardiogram of heart with deciphering (EKG)

An ECG or electrocardiogram is a diagnostic method used to evaluate the functioning of the heart. This procedural test helps doctors obtain information about the electrical activity of the heart, which controls its rhythm and function.

  During an ECG in Mykolaiv, special electrodes are placed on the patient's skin to record electrical signals sent from the heart to the electrocardiograph. These signals are graphically displayed on paper or a computer screen in the form of waves called "curves". The doctor analyzes these curves to detect any abnormalities in the heart rhythm, abnormalities in the conduction of electrical impulses in the heart, or signs of ischemia (insufficient blood supply to the heart).

  An ECG is an important tool for diagnosing heart disease, such as arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, electrolyte disturbances, and other heart pathologies. It can be used both for routine medical examinations and to determine the patient's condition during emergencies or in case of unexpected heart-related symptoms. 

  Here are some recommendations that will help you effectively undergo an electrocardiogram at the ZDRAVO clinic to obtain accurate results:

1.Clothing: It is important to dress so that the skin on your chest and limbs can be easily exposed. Usually, you will be asked to take off your outerwear and apply electrodes to special places on the skin.

2.Removal of metal jewelry: It will be necessary to remove all metal jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets as they affect the electrical signal.

3.Quitting caffeine and nicotine: If you smoke or consume coffee or other caffeinated products, it is advisable to refrain from them for at least an hour before the ECG. Caffeine and nicotine can affect your heart rate.

4.Relaxation: Before an ECG, it is important to rest and relax to avoid physical or emotional stress. For example, restlessness or anxiety can affect the results.

5.Preliminary discussion with your doctor: If you have any medical conditions or are taking medications that may affect your heart rhythm, it is important to discuss this with the doctor who ordered the ECG.



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