Holter monitoring

In the ZDRAVO clinic, you can undergo a daily monitoring procedure - it is absolutely painless and has no contraindications. Cardiologists recommend it as a means of preventing cardiovascular diseases. The method is named after the American researcher Norman Holter, who introduced radioelectrocardiography and was the first to perform long-term ECG recording. Holter monitoring is highly informative and non-invasive (i.e., painless and absolutely harmless). It is widely used in both inpatient and outpatient (home) settings to diagnose heart disorders, such as coronary heart disease, cardiac rhythm and conduction disorders, and to evaluate the effectiveness of cardiovascular disease treatment.

  Indications for Holter monitoring include: 

- cardiac rhythm and conduction disorders; 

- monitoring of antiarrhythmic therapy;

 - screening for myocardial ischemia (performed once every three years, if there are complaints - once every one year);

 - monitoring of anti-ischemic therapy; 

- in case of concomitant diseases, such as thyroid disease, thyrotoxicosis, high cholesterol, etc;

 Holter monitoring in Mykolaiv does not require prior preparation and proceeds as follows - electrodes are attached to the patient's chest, as during a regular ECG. They are connected to a holter, which is attached to the patient's belt or chest, after which the person returns to his or her daily life. After a day, the device is removed, and a cardiologist analyzes the data. The patient is not required to limit physical activity or change his or her usual rhythm of life. There are only a few simple rules to follow while the Holter is connected: 

1) do not take a shower or bath; 

2) keep a detailed diary of your actions so that the doctor can assess the degree of physical and emotional stress and compare them with the Holter readings; 

3) make sure that the electric wires do not come off; 

4) avoid mechanical damage and heating of the device;



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