Laser coagulation of cervical pathology

Laser coagulation using the latest laser equipment, a surgical diode laser, is a highly accurate and effective method of treating cervical erosion, dysplasia and other gynecological pathologies.

Due to the non-contact laser effect, the possibility of bleeding and the formation of scars and scars on the cervix is excluded, which is especially important for further pregnancy planning.

     Cervical coagulation is prescribed for patients with the following diagnoses:

- Erosion (ectopia) of the cervix;

- Dysplasia;

- Leukoplakia;

- Endometriosis;

- Polyps of the cervical canal;

- Polyps of the cervix;

- Ectopia;

- Cystic and other formations.

   Laser coagulation is performed as prescribed by a gynecologist after a preliminary examination to exclude contraindications. The process of laser coagulation is the targeted action of a laser beam on the affected tissue of the cervix, while healthy tissue is not affected.

The procedure is painless for the patient, is performed under local anesthesia and does not cause any discomfort. The duration of laser coagulation is 30-40 minutes. Cervical coagulation is by far the most effective and reliable method of combating uterine erosion. This technique has a minimal range of contraindications and side effects, and therefore is actively used even for the treatment of women who have given birth.



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