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Why is it necessary to undergo a check-up?

Preventive examinations of the body will help prevent the development of chronic diseases or detect diseases in the early stages in order to start timely treatment. A comprehensive program designed specifically for your health. Formed taking into account patients of different ages for the most informative diagnosis. You will not have to spend a lot of time visiting doctors and taking tests. In just two visits to the ZDRAVO clinic in the city of Odesa, you will visit doctors, undergo ultrasound diagnostics and pass the necessary tests.

At the clinic, you will be met by a personal manager who will accompany you at every stage. After the check-up, the manager will let you know when the test results will be ready and make an appointment with the doctor at a time convenient for you.

How is a comprehensive medical examination in Nikolaev?

1. Selection of the required list of examinations. You choose one of the proposed check-ups, or we will be happy to help you choose the package that best suits you. The administrator agrees on a convenient time for laboratory tests and provides information on preparing for a visit to the clinic.

2. Taking samples for laboratory tests. It takes some time to get the results of the tests, and as you know, having high-quality laboratory tests, the doctor can accurately and accurately establish the diagnosis and choose the necessary course of treatment.

3. Coordination of the visit time. After receiving the results of laboratory tests, the administrator agrees on a convenient time for a visit for diagnostic examinations and consultations with doctors.

4. Diagnosis and consultation with specialists. All diagnostic procedures and consultations with specialists take place without queues at one appointment. Based on the results of the examinations, the patient will receive a doctor's report with recommendations and, if necessary, prescribed treatment.

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How often should I undergo a comprehensive body examination?

For women of all ages and for men, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive body examination in Mykolaiv once a year. Patients at risk require special attention:

⦁ elderly people

⦁ those with chronic diseases

⦁ those with a "bad" heredity

⦁ people with bad habits.

Women who are planning a pregnancy are also offered to make a check-up. In this case, you will be completely confident in your own health and in the absence of risks for your unborn child. Doctors also advise you to make an appointment for a comprehensive examination if you have

⦁ chronic fatigue

⦁ insomnia, depression

⦁ general soreness of unknown etiology

⦁ a predisposition to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer.

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Many health problems can be diagnosed and prevented in the early stages. In order to timely detect negative changes and symptoms as well as to prevent the consequences, it is necessary to do a complex check-up. Doctors recommend doing it annually, starting from the age of 18, no matter the gender, age, and lifestyle.

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