Pediatric gynecologist Krasulya Olena Stanislavivna

  • Спеціалізація: pediatric gynecologist
  • Категорія:Вища категорія
  • Experience:26 Years

Провідні напрямки діяльності

Gynecologist Krasulya Olena Stanislavivna is a pediatric gynecologist of the highest category. She graduated from the Crimean Medical Institute named after S.I. Georgievsky, specializing in medical care, pediatric gynecology. The doctor is proficient in modern methods of diagnosing and treating gynecological diseases in children. During the consultation, the doctor first talks to the mother and the girl, establishes a trusting relationship, asks about complaints and then conducts an examination.

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In the ZDRAVO clinic, "extra" examinations and procedures are not prescribed, because competent specialists with extensive work experience work here. Doctors are guided by the principles of evidence-based medicine, use the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols.

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