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When should you visit a gynecologist?

• Abundant menstruation lasting more than 6-10 days.

• Delayed menstruation.

• In the genital area there is itching, rashes, unpleasant odor, discharge, burning sensation.

• Acute, chronic, dragging pains in the pelvis, lumbar region.

• Pain during urination.

• Genetic predisposition to malignant tumors of the reproductive system.

• Problems with conceiving a child, miscarriage.

• Sexual disorders, pain during sexual activity.

Pediatric gynecologist in Mykolaiv

A pediatric gynecologist is usually consulted with problems of menstrual dysfunction and quite often with issues related to sexual development, sexual hygiene and contraception. Sometimes girls are uncomfortable talking about certain topics, so it is important that the doctor in such cases is an interlocutor who will help them perceive adult issues as a natural process. The ZDRAVO Medical Center employs specialists who have extensive experience in this area. The reception is conducted by pediatric gynecologist Krasulya Olena Stanislavivna, with over 21 years of experience.

A timely visit to a gynecologist prevents the occurrence of certain problems, their possible consequences and possible surgical interventions in the reproductive sphere.

A consultation with a pediatric gynecologist can be held at the request of a girl or her mother in case of complaints or in case of need for certain information. A special gynecological examination is performed as an additional method of examination, and if there are no specific symptoms or complaints, it is not mandatory. It is very important for the doctor to gain the child's trust, find an individual approach and a way to mutual understanding.

Symptoms that require a visit to a doctor as soon as possible

⦁ Complaints of acute pain in the lower abdomen;

⦁ Pain when urinating;

⦁ If the child experiences burning and itching sensation in the vagina, or if there is unusual redness and irritation;

⦁ When douching, a white or yellow discharge is found, which may have a sour odor;

⦁ If the genitals have been injured in a fall

⦁ If menstruation does not begin until the age of 15, or is abnormal (irregular, painful, accompanied by loss of consciousness).

Make an appointment

How does a gynecologist make an appointment in Mykolaiv?

• First, the doctor will ask if you are currently experiencing any problems.

• If there are no complaints, and you just came for a scheduled appointment, the doctor will start asking some questions.

• Your basic information (duration of periods, dates of the last cycle, sexual life).

• Whether you have had gynecological/non-gynecological diseases before (which ones?)

• Examination of external genital organs, mammary glands, axillae.

• Manual examination on a gynecological chair with mirrors (except for girls who haven't started sexual life).

• Taking a swab from the cervical canal.

• If necessary, conducting additional examinations and taking tests.

• Choosing treatment tactics.

• Prescription of medicines or other procedures.

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Many health problems can be diagnosed and prevented in the early stages. In order to timely detect negative changes and symptoms as well as to prevent the consequences, it is necessary to do a complex check-up. Doctors recommend doing it annually, starting from the age of 18, no matter the gender, age, and lifestyle.

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