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Catheterisation of the auditory tube under endoscopic control 300
Intramuscular injection (with drugs) 180
Ischemia of the nasal cavity 80
Laryngoscopy examination of the larynx 200
Otoscopy examination of the ear cavity 150
Pneumatic massage of the eardrums 100
Puncture of the maxillary sinus is unilateral with the introduction of drugs 700
Rhinoscopy examination of the nasal cavity 200
Sanitation of the external ear and administration of medicines 250
The puncture of the maxillary sinus is bilateral with the introduction of medicines 1000
Tympanic puncture of the tympanic membrane 550
Washing of maxillary sinuses through drainage or artificial anastomosis 250
Washing the atik and introducing medicinal preparations into an empty tank 220
Ін'єкція інтраназальна 350
Адреналізація вустя слухової труби та продування по Політцеру 200
Блокада меатотимпанальна 300
Видалення сірчаної пробки 250
Видалення стороннього тіла з вуха 250
Видалення стороннього тіла з гортані/глотки 350
Видалення стороннього тіла з носової порожнини 250
Вливання лікарських засобів в гортань 200
Змащування гортані/глотки 200
Носовий душ з введенням лікарських засобів - 1 сеанс 200
Парацентез барабанної перетинки 500
Санація зовнішнього вуха методом промивання 400
Санація лакун піднебінних мигдаликів ручним методом промивання - 1 сеанс 250
Санація придаткових пазух носу методом переміщення (кукушка) - 1 сеанс 300


When should you visit an ENT specialist?

— If you have chronic runny nose;

— If you have trouble breathing through your nose: often or constantly;

— In case you have ear pain or a feeling of congestion;

— Itchy or sore throat, hoarse voice;

— Hearing and smell are reduced or lost;

— Voice lost;

— Periodic pain or dizziness;

— Pressure feeling in the throat or nose;

— Pressure sensation in the nose bridge;

— Nosebleeds more than once a month;

— There are symptoms of chronic allergies (cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat).

You should make an appointment for a consultation with an otorhinolaryngologist even in case of insignificant, pathological conditions of ENT organs, as only a doctor can fully assess the changes and prescribe effective treatment, which can prevent the development of severe complications (disorders of the heart and kidneys (rheumatism, glomerulonephritis), abscess, phlegmon, meningitis, etc.).

How is an appointment with otolaryngologist in Nikolaev?

During the first consultation, the otorhinolaryngologist carefully listens to the patient's complaints and conducts an endoscopic examination. If necessary, a swab is taken from the ear, nose or larynx.

When examining, ENT specialist can carry out treatment of organs with medicines, lavage of tonsil lacunae and other medical manipulations.

We provide fast and effective treatment to young patients aged 10 years and older. A pediatric ENT specialist will conduct an examination, diagnose and prescribe treatment for diseases of the ENT organs.

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Many health problems can be diagnosed and prevented in the early stages. In order to timely detect negative changes and symptoms as well as to prevent the consequences, it is necessary to do a complex check-up. Doctors recommend doing it annually, starting from the age of 18, no matter the gender, age, and lifestyle.

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